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Off the Pitch with Active

Jul 16, 2021

Welcome to part 2 and the last part of this amazing conversation with VJ Stanley, Balanced Excellence.

In this episode we continue the conversation from ep40 about puberty and sport. If you have not heard part 1, I recommend you listen that episode first as some references may not make sense otherwise.

Towards the end, I will mention a free gift from V.J which he shares exclusively with Off the Pitch with Active audience. So, let’s continue VJ!


39:59   min episode part 2 (part 1: ep 40)

01:15   Brief intro before we continue our conversation about puberty and sport. I am also flagging an amazing gift from VJ so stay tuned in until the end.

2:12     Moving on in ages when V.J unpack “You don’t play the best players, you play the best players plying their best”

7:35     Playing up age groups

15:15   Fundamentals in all sport REST-BALANCE-FUN

16:31   How fragile is a teens confidence?

21:29   How can a senior coach help a teen who is playing up?

25:20   V.J’s version of “Sound of music” in youth sport.

26:39   Is free play the answer to learning?

32:26   V.J talks about the books he authored